Handmade Irish Yarn Bowl

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A handmade wooden yarn bowl created using a native Irish wood. The yarn bowls have a cutout which guides your working yarn, with a heavy base to ensure the bowl won't tip over while working.

Each wooden yarn bowl is handcrafted, meaning no two bowls are exactly the same. You'll get a beautifully unique yarn bowl.

As each yarn bowl is hand turned dimensions will vary slightly from bowl to bowl. 

Yarn bowl measures approximately 15cm in length, 13cm in width and 8cm in height at the tallest point. 

Our handmade yarn bowls have a cutout which guides your working yarn. You place your yarn through the cutout and when you pull your yarn - the ball freely rolls in the bowl without rolling away or getting knotted/tangled.

Each yarn bowl is made from a solid piece of Ash, a native Irish wood, most of which is sourced from woodturner Roy Humphrey's family farm. The bowls are incredibly smooth so none of your precious Yarn Vibes yarn will get snagged or pulled when rolling around in it.

These handmade wooden yarn bowls have a heavy base that stops the bowl from tipping over and high walls so your wound yarn won't just roll right out!

With a beautifully rustic finish and rimmed with the Ash tree's natural bark, these yarn bowls are not just practical - they will also look beautiful in your home.