Ailbiona McLochlainn

Yarn Vibes Organic:
An Introduction to a Unique, Exciting Yarn

As a knitting pattern designer, I always find it exciting to work with a new yarn. And when I heard about the Yarn Vibes Organic Range, I could hardly contain myself. An organic, minimally processed yarn, sourced from local fleeces and naturally dyed... This
describes my dream yarn in a nutshell!

But origin aside, what is this yarn like to knit with? What kind of fabric does it produce? What are
its benefits and drawbacks? As a designer and obsessive knitter, these are the types of questions
I am most interested in.

Having now designed and knitted several garments and accessories in the Yarn Vibes Organic
Range, I have had plenty of opportunity to find out and am happy to share my impressions.

The Yarn Vibes Organic range is first and foremost a traditional Irish yarn - in the sense that it
behaves more like the Irish yarns of decades past rather than the yarn manufactured today.
Minimally processed and worsted spun, this yarn is robust, toothy, dense, fragrant, and
remarkably water-resistant.

If you’ve ever had occasion to handle an authentic Aran jumper hand-knitted in the 1960s or
earlier, it was made of yarn like this. It had to be! Because in those times the jumper was a piece
of outerwear. Not only beautiful, but armour-like, the Aran jumper was intended to endure rough
weather and to last decades. A cabled sweater purchased today is, by comparison, a decorative

Too many knitters I know are left disappointed when the Aran sweater they painstakingly made in
the course of weeks if not months does not become the heirloom they hoped it would be, but
instead pills and grows threadbare though daily wear. I have been in this situation myself, which is
what ultimately inspired me to seek yarns of a more rustic and hardy nature for projects I want to

With the Yarn Vibes Organic range, you really can create a heirloom that will survive long enough
to be passed down through generations.

Knitted up, this yarn creates a an exceptionally stable, sturdy and durable fabric - a fabric that is
nearly immune to pilling, a fabric that seals shut in the rain, a fabric that would probably survive
the proverbial being dragged through a hedge backwards!

Being worsted-spun gives this yarn a subtle sheen that makes colours pop in colourwork, and
excellent stitch definition that yields crisp cables and lacework.

Of course, there are certain things this yarn is not meant for. Namely: next to skin garments and
baby items; it is simply too toothy for that.

Rather, the Yarn Vibes Organic Range is ideal for:
. outerwear
. garments with structure, such as jackets
. ‘workhorse’ garments
. and of course anything with cables. If you have been dreaming of knitting an authentic Aran
jumper, this is absolutely the yarn to use!

Yarn Vibes Organic Yarn is a truly unique knitting experience...

So many talented producers involved in the creation of Yarn Vibes Organic...