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There is no gift more precious than a gift made with love and care.

Discover our beautiful knitting and crochet kits and craft a beautiful gift your loved ones will treasure for a long time, or treat them to an unforgettable experience with one of knit it yourself gift kits!

With the incredible quality of our 100% Irish yarn your finished piece will not only look and feel incredible but if cared for can last for many many years.

Thanks to our process involving hand-washing and hand-dyeing, the unique rustic feel of our yarn will have you falling in love with texture and definition of your finished garment.

Chose from one of our six stunning kits below!



Gifting Kits

Knit them up for that special person!


Molly Sweater $125


Dervla Sweater $155



Gift Kits

For that yarn lover in your life!

Riley Aran Hat $35


Kaylee Triangle Shawl $65


Shayla Colorblock Crochet Kit $125


Add a special touch with a handmade Irish yarn bowl! This handmade wooden yarn bowl was created using a native Irish wood.  It features a cutout which guides your working yarn with a heavy base to ensure the bowl won't tip over while working.

Handmade Irish Yarn Bowl $59.95

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yarn vibes

Yarn Vibes is an exceptionally high-quality yarn, made using natural, 100% Irish wool. At Yarn Vibes our goal is to produce the finest quality ethically sourced and produced yarn; in beautifully natural, traditional and modern colorways. We respect and are proud of our Irish roots and heritage, and are also thankful to belong to a wider, global, yarn-loving community. The island of Ireland provides an unparalleled source of inspiration and influence for our brand

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