"So excited to use this gloriously sheepy to the max wool!! The gorgeous @fibertales and @thegentleknitter have totally been inspiring me to knit with the most natural wool possible so this package could not have come at a better time!"


"That feeling when you get happy mail all the way from Ireland! My new friends at @loveyarnvibes sent me some of their 100% Irish wool to play with - this is the Hedgerow collection in the Rosehip colorway. It is so vibrant and rustic feeling!"


"I recently got a chance to check out this beautiful yarn from @loveyarnvibes and I’m really enjoying it...I don’t normally work with 100% wool, but this yarn is surprisingly soft and has amazing quality."


"Gushing over this 100% Irish raised yarn! Inspiration hit and I’m casting on right away!"


"Just received some happy mail from @loveyarnvibes ?? I can’t wait get this on my needles! Thank you!"